Turbo – Rated SC (So Cool!)

Whiplash, Smoove Moove, TURBO, Skidmark, White Shadow, Burn

Whiplash, Smoove Moove, TURBO, Skidmark, White Shadow, Burn

Hey Girls! This is a must-see! I love that Turbo never gives up  NO MATTER WHAT!   He is just a garden snail with a dream….to be FAST! How is that possible when you’re so so so so slow!!! So one day he is just on the highway when suddenly he is sucked into the car then he gets drenched in nitro oxide (some of you probably have no idea what that is, don’t worry – I don’t really either!), it changes his whole structure and he becomes FAST! Turbo meets someone that has a dream too and  they work together and finally Turbo meets his match!!

Turbo has become a hit and now Netflix has made their original Turbo series. So if you have Netflix, I highly recommend it!! Me and my brother watched it and he just wanted to watch more and more!


Hope you enjoy,


One thought on “Turbo – Rated SC (So Cool!)

  1. Shiloh

    i love this movie it is so cool

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