The Croods – Rated SC (So Cool)

Sandy,   Ugga,   Eep,   Grug,   Guy,   Thunk,   Gran

Sandy, Ugga, Eep, Grug, Guy, Thunk, Gran, Belt

Hey Girls! This movie is called, the Croods. I rate this movie SC (So Cool). It’s basically about a family of cavemen that when their cave collapses, they have to learn how to survive outside of their protective cave. The family is It’s a nice family movie, funny, cute, WEIRD, and awesome!   There’s not much to say about this movie, if I did, it would probably spoil everything!!!

So, check it out!!!


One thought on “The Croods – Rated SC (So Cool)

  1. Payton

    I love this movie. anybody seen Turbo or Frozen or Despicable Me 2?

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