Parent Trap (the first one ever) -Rated: TR (TotallyRocks!!)

Hey Girls! I recently watched the Parent Trap Series. It all starts out with 2 girls, sisters, identical twins!  Susan Evers and Sharon McKendrick.

Parent Trap (the first one that was made)

Parent Trap


Susan lives in California with her Dad, while Sharon lives in Boston with her Grandma, Grandpa, and Mother.

They meet at camp and because they are identical they started pulling pranks on each other, not even thinking once  that they could be sisters!   They continuously pull pranks on each other, which leads to…I shouldn’t spoil the movie.  For their punishment, they must live together in an isolated cabin (and even having lunch together at an “isolation table”) for the rest of their summer camp. After a while they soon realize they are twin sisters and that their parents, Mitch and Maggie, divorced shortly after their birth, with each parent having custody of one of them. The twins, each eager to meet the parent she never knew, switch places. While Susan is in Boston masquerading as Sharon, Sharon goes to California pretending to be Susan. And Susan and Sharon call each other and talk about news of mother and father. Later they are forced to reveal the truth about the switched identities and Susan and mother fly to Cali. I  don’t want to spoil the rest but there it is!   I have to admit Parent Trap (all 3!) are just a few of my favs!




3 thoughts on “Parent Trap (the first one ever) -Rated: TR (TotallyRocks!!)

  1. payton

    Wow! Have to watch.

  2. Katrina

    I love this movie. Amazing.

  3. Shiloh

    Hi Keilah
    i like Parent Trap a lot
    did you know that this movie is 1 of my favourite movies?
    i hope you girls like it.
    hope you like it
    i like it


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