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Hey Girls!

I’m not sure if I’ve posted on here about my songs before, but Shiloh (my sis) and I love writing songs to the Lord. This is not to show how good we are, because we give all the glory to God! We have written more than 3 complete, and recorded songs. Here are some of them from our podcast site:

  • In the first podcast shown, there are two songs played. The first one is my song, called Healer, and the second is called Just for You by Shiloh my lil sister.

  • And this one also has two songs played. This time, we had our piano teacher create a backtrack for us to sing to. The first song is by Shiloh, called Because of You, and the next is by me, called Just Can’t Get Enough.

If you want to download these songs (for free of course), you want permission to do something with them, or you just want to ask about the songwriting process, etc. Feel free to contact us ANYTIME, at this link: https://keilah.ca/contact/

Enjoy, and just remember to use your talents for God,



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