Movie Review: WCTH

Hey Girls! Haven’t done this in a LOOOOONNNNNNGGG time, but I am going to start with rating a movie once a week.

I will rate them by Gore (10 being really gory, 0 means nothing), and Story/Adventure (0 meaning really bad story, and 10 means awesome, and emotional )

This movie, is really awesome, I love watching it over, and over, and over again! It is more like a tv series….but it is called:

when heart

I love watching this show and my rating is: Gore=1 Story=9

They have 3 seasons, and each season has about five movies, each and 1hr and a 1/2. The series is about a school teacher who moves to a place called Coal Valley, from her rich life, and has to live a lower life than she is used to. Eventually she gets used to it, and a romance forms between her and the Canadian Mountie. The story continues with her relatives, and people she befriends. Overall, it is such a family friendly show, made by Michael Landon Jr. who made the beloved TV Show called Little House on the Prairie.



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