Movie Review: Zootopia

Hey Girls! Me and my family don’t go to movies much (unless its a Christian movie), so we just recently watched the Zootopia movie, and if you’re like us you haven’t watched it either. So before you watch it, read below:

zootopia image

Gore: 2 – Story: 9


This is a really good movie, and the plot is as follows. A bunny, Judy Hopps, who lives in a poor little farming town wants to be a Policewoman in the big city “Zootopia”. She finally gets there, and gets a bad job as a Meter-Maid (parking officer). She really wants the big cases, so accepts one and has 48 hours to complete it. She makes a friend (Nick P. Wilde), a fox, and he helps her to solve the mystery.


There is a moment where Judy and Nick go to a Yoga studio where a Ox is meditating and there are others doing yoga. The carrot farmers are played out to be Christians, for example the say Amen, Hallelujah, and talk about Tongues.


There aren’t many, 2 exclamations of OMG, and a couple other words considered mild, like fluff-butt.


Watch it!! Awesome!

Love, Keilah


One thought on “Movie Review: Zootopia

  1. Eden

    Liked Zootopia too
    Thanks for the Review

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