Movie Review: Travel the Road

Hey Girls! I know the last time I rated a Tv Show, and this time I will do it again. Just in case you forgot, I will rate them by Gore (10 being really gory, 0 means nothing), and Story/Adventure (0 meaning really bad story, and 10 means awesome, and emotional)

I am going to rate: travel the road

Gore: 7

Story/Adventure: 8

Recently, me and my family have been watching this Christian TV Show about two men who love the Lord and want the rest of the world to know him too. They travel around the world, and document themselves witnessing the word of God. I love this show because it is educational, and you get to see things that happen around the world, which are rare. The reason I rated Gore 7 is because many religions are evil and have disgusting rituals that are Gory to me. For ex. the Buddhists bury people by going to a field, tying up the dead bodies, and letting the vultures eat the flesh. This is called a “Sky Burial”. Very sad…. shows that the world REALLY needs Jesus. They go through many adventures (i.e. Getting caught in the Gobi Desert, by a ferocious snowstorm), and persecution (i.e. community leaders throwing stones at them).

In closing, I love this show. Totally watch it! You and your family will enjoy it thoroughly!



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