One of my Fav movies: Finding Dory

Hey Girls! Me and my family don’t go to movies much (unless its a Christian movie), and we just recently watched the Finding Dory movie, and if you’re like us you haven’t watched it either. So before you watch it, read below:

Finding Dory

Gore: 0 – Story/Adventure: 9

It is rare to find, but, I loved the sequel more than the first (Finding Nemo).  The first movie is about Marlin finding Nemo with Dory, but she is not much of a help since she has short-term memory loss. In this movie she has remembered some of her life with her parents, and she is trying to find them. She loses Marlin and Nemo who are trying to help her, because of her memory loss. Along the way she meets some of her old friends, and maybe even some people/fish/sea creatures/animals who are trying to help her.

The movie is even funny at certain moments, laughing at Dory’s stupidity, or, maybe jokes. I’m sure that your family will enjoy it ALOT, and, even I enjoyed it.



PS. Guiding God’s Girls has a new podcast:

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