Movie Review: Alone Yet Not Alone

Hey Girls! Today I will be rating an amazing movie I watched recently. I love the song, and the story. Some of you will not like the violence – don’t worry, I didn’t either and I even shut my eyes during those parts. Overall, I loved the movie! I hope you do too. My rating is below the picture.

Alone Yet Not Alone DVD

Gore: 8; Story: 9

This movie is about two little German girls taken┬ácaptive by Indians in 1755 because of the French and Indian War, and they struggle to live with the Indians. The main song in the movie is sung by Joni Eareckson Tada, who is a quadriplegic – which means that she can’t move her arms or legs – and her voice is amazing in my opinion. The song is also called Alone Yet Not Alone, and it is in my previous post called “AWESOME SONG 7”.

Love, and blessings,


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