Keystone Stables Book No. 1 – Marsha Hubley

Hey Girls! Keystone Stables is a great series that is about a foster girl named Skye Nicholson. She is a very stubborn, hates everybody girl. But who can change anybody? JESUS CAN! She goes to Keystone Stables which is where the Chambers’ live, and there she meets Champ, her very first horse! This book is called: A Horse to Love.

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3 thoughts on “Keystone Stables Book No. 1 – Marsha Hubley

  1. Katrina


  2. When we were talking on the phone yesterday you told me about that and I really want to read those books. I like the Saddle Club books too.

    I love you so much Keilah.
    Love from your best friend Payton.

  3. Payton

    I love Keystone Stables!
    There gr8 books!

    From Payton.
    I love u Keilah.

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