Intro to Movie Reviews

Hey! This is an Introduction to the Movie Review category. Here are the Jesus Girl Club rating codes:
                 TR: Totally Rocks! (best rating)
                 SC: So Cool! (2nd best)
                 NMF: Not my favorite…(means movie is not that cool)
                TS: Totally stinks! (one of the worst)
                 NFYE: NOT FOR YOUR EYES!

6 thoughts on “Intro to Movie Reviews

  1. Shiloh

    I agree with Keilah it is SC: So Cool! (2nd best)

  2. syd the squid

    I agree with keilah even though I haven’t seen the movie

  3. Me too!

  4. Katrina

    I so totally agree too!

    Love you Keilah!

  5. Shiloh

    i like all of them Kate and Humphrey, Horton Hears a Who, Princess Diaries, Mckenna, Princess Diaries 2, i love Parent Trap it is my favorite movie
    i love all of them

  6. I love your web sooo cool
    do you girls love her web?

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