Heaven is for Real

Hey Girls!!! Thanksgiving has passed, summer has passed, it just snowed yesterday where I am…and now people are advertising for CHRISTMAS!!!!   Well on the Christmas holidays I have got a cool book you can read. Most of you probably have read it, but if you have, then maybe watch the movie – but if you’ve watched the movie, check out some of the other cool books I’ve read.

Heaven is for real bookI just finished this book, and I suggest you read it. It is explained in simple words, and I loved reading about how beautiful heaven is!!!! Exciting to see where I will be one day, with my Father and Yeshua (Jesus).  I can’t believe how amazing this book is, this little boy, Colton, lived through a dramatic experience.

Heaven is for real movie

They also made a movie of the book. The Movie I would rate “Not my Fav” or NMF. It didn’t show their experience, it showed the journey of Colton’s (the little boy) Dad trying to understand what happened to Colton. So overall, I would say that the book is better than the movie – like it mostly happens 😀 LOL

Anyway, you girls should watch the movie and maybe you will think differently?



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