God and the MBTI

This post is written by my friend, and brother in Christ, Taegan. Enjoy!

So, I was researching some Bible MBTI’s. Some people tried to give Jesus various MBTI types, but I liked the one who said XXXX, perfect balance. I decided to think about that and analyze it a bit.


So is God extroverted or introverted? As a triune God, he could have kept company with himself (and we don’t know how long he did this before he created earth), yet he created celestial beings. He then, despite the failings of celestial beings (Satan and a few others), decided to create man in his image.

What did he do with man? He walked with him in the garden. Spending quality time with man. Something he appeared to greatly enjoy.

He can be very socially outgoing:

  • starts a conversation with Moses
  • wrestles with Jacob
  • goes fishing with fishermen
  • walked with Enoch
  • the list goes on…

He can also be introverted:

  • often going up mountains to get a recharge
  • takes walks by himself (sometimes on the water)
  • choosing to be silent for years on end


That one doesn’t really need evaluating.

God can look at things from every perspective.


God is very logically minded. That’s kind of obvious. Yet we often see him make choices that are based on his feelings. He’s a perfect balance here as well.


God is an amazing master planner. I don’t agree with all of you on how he plans, but I would say he’s a balance of J/P.

If I believed in hard determinism in theology, I would believe that God is strictly “J”. He would never have need of P.

From my perspective, I believe that God’s amazing balance of P and J is shown throughout the scriptures. He provides man with freewill, and graciously gives us autonomy. He allows man to go his own way, yet he sometimes intervenes.

So he plans, to a degree that we will never know until we arrive in heaven, but he is gracious enough to allow flexibility in his plans, by creating an autonomous being.

I know not all of you will agree with this, and I probably wasn’t the most eloquent. However, this is something I’ve been thinking about. Hopefully some of y’all will enjoy it.

God bless 🙂

One thought on “God and the MBTI

  1. Ohh. Nice post, Taegan!! I like that. 🙂

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