Hey Girls, it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

I am sooooo excited to announce that I am starting a giveaway, ending on the first of April. In the next two weeks, if you want to win Hollyn’s new album (One-Way Conversations) for free (shipping included), then this is all you have to do:

  1. Come up with at least one idea for us to talk about on our Guiding God’s Girls podcast, or for me to blog about on this website.
  2. Send it to me either on my contact page:
  3. or DM me on our instagram page:

On March 31st I will put all of the ideas into a hat and pick one out. Whoever I choose will be the winner, and will be contacted by me on April 1st. YAY!!

Here is her album trailer:


Go ahead and contact me!

Love y’all,


(p.s. I love her new album, I have my own copy!)

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