What’s UP??

Hey Girls and Guys!

What’s going on in your life? How many people actually take the time to ask you that question?

I know many people who are always talking about themselves, and don’t take time to ask about how I’M doing. I hate those one sided conversations, when I’m the only one asking questions.

Are you one of those people? One of those people that just think about yourself, or part of the rare species of unselfish people?

How do you think God feels when you’re always asking Him questions, just talking and never listening to what He wants to say to you?

Be still and listen to what God has to say to you. And in the same way listen to the people around you, take time to ask THEM questions.

Take time today to think about the world around you, maybe there are people who have things they want to say, but you never give them the chance.

love you, and Happy New Year!

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