FTH: Forgiveness

Hey Girls! What’s up with you? If you asked that question to me, I would reply:

Recently, I have been thinking about forgiving people. I have been struggling with forgiving some people. God helped me to get over it though (Hallelujah!). I was angry with that person/those people.

So today, I am here to show you some ways to get over it. Because God says that if you don’t forgive others their sins, He won’t forgive you either (Matthew 6:14-15). And I wanted God to forgive me for my sins, so I tried to get rid of the unforgiveness. I of course, could not do it alone, therefore I asked  Jesus to help me. I also have an exercise that I use.

One of the exercises are to close your eyes, imagine that the person who hurt you (who you haven’t forgiven) is in front of you. Imagine they knocked on your door and are now apologizing to you. What do you say? You should be able to say to them “I forgive you”, but most people struggle with that if they haven’t forgiven. After you’ve gotten through the “I forgive you” part, then imagine yourself giving that person a hug, and them returning the favour. It doesn’t matter if you know that that person will NEVER apologize, it is very important for you to forgive.

You don’t know if someone will NEVER apologize to you, because it recently happened to us. Someone who had hurt my dad in the past, thought about it, and came to him and apologized. My dad had struggled with forgiving that person, and he used the exercise more than once. It doesn’t matter how many times you use the exercise on the same person, as long as you end up forgiving them. In this story we see that God can work through any circumstance, no matter what.

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