FTH: I Desire MERCY and not…

MERCY….Hey Girls! Another post: FROM THE HEART. This time I will be talking about Hosea, and Matthew 9 and 12. We are talking about where it says: I Desire mercy and not sacrifice. Recently we have been doing a family bible study where each of us (the 4 kids) would take a book of the bible and study a chapter each week. For example(code names here), my sister Shiloh does the book of Acts, J-boy does Revelation, and my little Sunshine Girl does any story that she can think of. But of course, she needs help, so my mom helps her. I do the book of Matthew, which is what we will be talking about.

Lets start with a couple points:

  • Hosea 6:6 says: “For I desire mercy and not sacrifice, mercy-and-not-sacrifice
    And the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.” This is where God is talking to Israel (and Judah) through Hosea. God is telling them that He wants them to know more about Him. With your best friend, if I asked you what their favourite song was, animal,or even fave colour was, I’m sure you would know. Bestie: Song: Love with your Life by Hollyn, Animal: Dog, Colour: Mint Green or Burgundy..you know who you are. So if you know the answers to those questions about YOUR best friend, shouldn’t you know the same about God? Knowing in this case means that you need to know their heart, their reactions, their deepest desires. I don’t mean ask Him about His favourite song, but you get the point.
  • Matthew 9:13 says, “But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy and not sacrifice.’ For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.” When Yeshua says this, I think that He is quoting Hosea, but using it in a different context. In the previous section He had a new disciple, Matthew, and was eating with other sinners. The Pharisees thought that that was wrong, and asked why? Yeshua replied that people who are healthy (righteous) have no need of a physician, only those who are sick(sinners).  law He would rather desire the sinners to love Him with all their heart than keep the law. He still wants them TO keep the law, but if they kept the law and didn’t love Him, it would all be vain. The same context is in Matthew 12:7. If you had known what this means, ‘I desire mercy and not sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned the guiltless.

Make sense? I hope so, if it doesn’t, please let me know via the contact page.

Have a great weekend!

Love and many blessings,


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2 thoughts on “FTH: I Desire MERCY and not…

  1. Thanks Keilah, it is a great lesson for all of us. Do we know Him, what He likes and doesn’t like. Do we want to spend time with Him. Do we only want to spend time with Him because of what He can do for us or because we value Him.

  2. essayforme

    You actually mentioned it exceptionally well.

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