Hey Girls! Today I want to share what I feel about beauty. For the next couple days, I will post songs that speak about being beautiful, now not all of them are Christian songs, but still they have the right message. I find that girls today, feel like they have to look like a model, have perfect curves, shaped faces, or even develop at the same speed as everyone else. Here is my story:

I used to have this problem. I couldn’t even say the words, “I AM BEAUTIFUL”. Because I didn’t believe it, couldn’t see it, couldn’t look it in the eye. I thought that even the way my face looked was imperfection. But I couldn’t see the real light, the way I was shining in the darkest night, the way the sculptor had perfectly sculpted me. ‘Cause I was shielded from the truth by the enemy trying to break through. He tried to defeat me, kick me down and beat me, but my God, my Saviour came running in, He saved me. Took the shield off my eyes, told me to see the light!!! I saw it, finally in my eyes was the image of beauty. Blinders ripped off, I saw the soft skin, the perfect curves, and shape. Perfection, perfection, we are perfect. Look into the mirror, and say to your image, “I. Am. Beau. Tiful.”. You are, because you were made by God. Created like, in the image of Him. Never forget, He made you like that. Appreciate who you are, shine bright as a star. He is the one who loves you forever, whatever they say, don’t let it sever. Just. Love. You.



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