Family Update: July 2016

Hey Girls!!! Last time i said I would update on my family. Here is the old post from December 2012: 

And here is my updated version of it (my update in brackets)

About my family

Dad:  He loves Jesus Christ soooooo, very much. He helped me make this website (with Mr Jeremy his friend). (Well, he still LOVES Jesus/or Yeshua as we now call Him. And I love my Dad sooo much! He helps me learn and grow with many things. He is also the leader of our home church, and he does a great job of that.. :D)

Mom: My Mom loves Jesus very much. She is part of the Women’s Ministry at our church. Starting in June, she also did Children’s Ministry for a while. She just organized a Women’s Retreat which had many amazing miracles. She also is a teacher! She teaches all of us, which is homeschooling (except Socializing Dude [coming up next]). (My mom isn’t part of the Women’s Ministry anymore since we have our home church, and she is teaching me highschool currently with homeschooling. I love her so much because she has helped me through a lot of “WOMEN STUFF” if you know what i mean…;) )

Socializing Dude: Socializing Dude is not blood-related, but he is part of our family. He is in high school, and is doing very well! (Sadly, Socializing dude left us in 2013, so we no longer have him in our house. We’ve seen him once or twice but we still pray for him to get closer to the Lord.)

Keilah (ME): Now it’s my turn! Yeah! I don’t know what to say, except that I am homeschooled and we will all have a great time sharing.(Yes, I know what to say! LOL I am supposed to be in Grade 8 in September, but because I am excelling in homeschool I am doing grade 9. EXCITING!! I am 13, and am very mature…in my opinion….)

Shiloh: Shiloh is my sister is my best friend! (Shiloh is soooooooooo awesome, I love her so much, (like the rest of my family) and she has recently started a fashion line, when it’s up and running I’ll give you sneakpeeks. She is 11, and also Shiloh, me and my best friend have been doing worship at our home church, me on the keyboard, and the other two sing.)

J-boy: J-boy my brother, who likes playing video games, playing with Socializing Dude, copying Dad, and loving Jesus!! (WOW! my brother has grown up so much since 2012, he was 5!!!! Now he is 9, and I honestly love talking to him, I share a lot with him. Sometimes he is annoying, but not as much as he is so awesome!!!! He loves action movies, and he also likes listening to TobyMac. He is so funny!!!)

Sunshine Girl: Sunshine Girl who brings soooooo much sunshine into my life, and others. Imagine how much more sunshine she would have, when Jesus is in her heart!!!! (I am so happy to let you know that she has Jesus in her heart!!! She is cuter than ever in her 6th year of life, and I love talking to her about life. She has such a sweet and caring heart. I LOVE HER!!!

Family picture is password protected above (If you would like the password then write to me in the contact bar)


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