HEY GIRLS! This is ANOTHER  awesome song! By Bethel Sung by Matt Stinton: 

Check it out!

Love ya,

Keilah D


4 thoughts on “AWESOME SONG!! 4

  1. payton

    I lov this

  2. Joe

    I am a human. I love this song too!

  3. Keilah, you have a wonderful gift of greatness and I love the way you have this ability. Many people have said this site is awesome. It is! Its wonderful that your spreading the love of Jesus unto others. You can do so much more with the love of Jesus Christ! And you or an amazing person! Keep up the best work you’ve ever done! 🙂


  4. Katrina

    Keilah, I totally agree with Payton! You have an amazing heart and your website is a wonderful and creative way of spreading the love of Jesus onto others. I love that about you. You are a fantastic person. Keep up the awesome work!

    Katrina 🙂

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