Anomaly Series

Here is one of the Best series I’ve read in a long time….since Keystone Stables that is. Great job Krista McGee! It is amazing! So unexpectable!! Ok…way too many exclamation marks. It helps me to use my imagination. In fact it reminds me of the Divergent series.  Let me start by telling you the story – wait no, not the whole story… just the basic make up of the book.

Here it is:

On earth there was a nuclear war, and everyone destroyed each other, dumb, right? Keep listening – ten scientists decided to make a world underground where people were genetically modified to have no emotions, and removed all sense of family. They believed that it was also the reason people fought with each other, without emotions, there would obviously be no more love, therefore no families. The scientists would keep the people in the same generation together, all the same age, and they would all do the same thing, same routing everyday. It was very strict order.

Once in awhile there would be a person that was created with emotions, despite the efforts of the scientists. Her name is Thalli. She is different, she doesn’t just want to go with the flow of everyday life. She grows up with a boy who is being trained as a scientist. One day he has to leave to live with “The Ten” who started it all. A very suttle romance forms between them.

Not telling the story, but I suggest that you get the book from your library (if it’s there) or from “Hoopla” an online ebook/audiobook, that connects with your library. I personally listened to it with audiobook, and enjoyed it, on the other hand some people don’t enjoy audiobooks.

It is a trilogy, and I have only read the first. DO NOT read the about section of the other two because it will totally give away the story.


Read it soon girlies!




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