Amy Carmichael – Rescuer of Precious Gems

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Hey Girls! I just finished a book called: Amy Carmichael: Rescuer of Precious Gems.

It’s about Amy Carmichael, and she lived an amazing life!!!! Here is a basic summary of her life:

Amy Carmichael lived from 1867 to 1951 – 83 years!  Amy was born in Northern Ireland, but when she was 16 her family decided to move to Belfast, and her father died 2 years later. In Belfast she  helped people called the Shawlies, and Amy started a Sunday school class for all of them!

Amy Carmichael

Amy Carmichael

Then she went to Japan for 15 months, got ill and left, then there was a brief period of time in Sri Lanka (Ceylon, as it was called then),she got to Bangalore, India, when she was around 28 and spent the rest of her life there! Wouldn’t you miss your family? I definitely would, but once her Mom came and helped Amy in her ministry. Amy helped little girls, kids that were offered to serve in the Buddhist temple, ex. once, when a girl named Preena was younger, her Mom promised that her daughter would serve in the Buddhist temple, and Preena missed her Mom, so she ran away, when her Mom found her she brought her back and the people there burned her hands! The reason was because that was her punishment of running away! When she was a little older she woke up and the door to her room was unlocked, which was unusual, it was normally always locked, everything was locked! She went out…no one was there, then last of all the gate was open!!!!!!! So she escaped to Amy, and Amy loved her like her own daughter.

Amy Carmichael with Child

Later more girls came, then more girls, and more! Soon after that a little boy came, and then they had boys and girls, in their home. All Amy want to do was to  obey God, regardless of the consequences. Her service in India is an example of the impact one person who fears God can make. This young woman defied the cruel barriers of India’s caste system.

Read the book, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did!



3 thoughts on “Amy Carmichael – Rescuer of Precious Gems

  1. спасибо.

  2. Pappa

    Keilah this is good review, lots of effort and thought was placed into this. Thanks for sharing with everyone

  3. Katrina

    So cool!

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