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Hey Girls! I would like to share a couple things with you, a video, 3 podcasts, and a blog post!

Video: This is an amazing video about how Yeshua (Jesus) stepped in the way of the Devil trying to reach us.  I found this on an awesome website with answers to any  questions you have.


New podcasts on GGG on Outer Beauty, Lies from the Enemy, and God’s Presence, See below.

And last but not least, a blog that I think you would enjoy. I loved the books written by her, and posted something earlier on ( When I read her recent post about benig an “Artsy Christian” it spoke to me. I am very artsy with reading, writing, music, and drama. I love those things but I am wondering how I can use some of them for the Lord. Here is what she has to say about things like that:

Love you all girls,


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