Love and Musical Mysteries

Hey Girls!

Haven’t been on for a while, but I’ve been struggling with some heart things. I want to be honest on this blog, and I want to help penetrate your heart, so that you learn from my mistakes 🙂

So recently I’ve been struggling with what does loving God look like? How do I write songs that glorify His name, but music that comes from my HEART. What if the music doesn’t sound good? What if my vocals aren’t up to shape? What if, what if, what if.

I’ve tried to force it, but I realized that you can’t force love. I prayed and asked God what it was that I needed to do. He told me to just let HIM love upon me, rather than me trying to force the relationship. He gives us love, we don’t need to force our love upon Him. Because He loves us and we FEEL loved, we automatically give love back.

The most important thing in any relationship is spending time with the person. You don’t gain a best friend by sitting back and reading her texts every weekend or so! You plan a date, hang out with her, and even have LONNNGGG phone calls, FaceTime, sleepovers… you get the point.

It’s the same with our heavenly Father. You need to make specific time everyday to spend with our awesome Creator. It’s hard at first, but for example I pray 10min in the morning when I wake up, and 5min at night before I go to bed.

All this to say, that I am writing songs FROM my HEART. No more mysteries for this girl! I’ve got God on my side and I’m not afraid to share it!!!

God bless,

Keilah 🙂

PS. an interview with Beckah Shae is coming up on our podcast soon!!!! YAYY



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