Matthew Study: Part 6/28 (1)

Hey Girls! I think that this Matthew Study is going to be the 2nd last one, as I have another topic idea.
So let’s get started!!

Verse 1-4
Here it says that when you do good works for Him, don’t do it 8because you want others to see you doing it, because then you have no reward from your Father in heaven! So don’t be a hypocrite, and do your deeds in secret, not so EVERYONE knows what you are doing, God is the only one who needs to know.

Verse 5-8
When you pray, don’t pray loud, and say so much, using many repetitive sayings, but with God, you must be in secret, go into the secret place (i.e. Closet) shut the door, and when you are in secret your Heavenly Father will reward you openly! God loves it when you spend intimate time with Him, and I assure you that you will too!

Verse 10-11
“Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” What should be the same on earth and heaven? Well, that there is focus only on the Creator, no sadness. That is not possible, but it IS possible that YOU can have one focus on your father in heaven.
And the daily bread is not bread, food, Jesus is talking about the spiritual download you get when you spend time with God.

Verse 12 and 14
See our podcast on forgiveness, we talked about this.

Verse 16-18
Again Jesus talks about doing things in secret! When you fast (fasting is not eating for a long period of time while spending time with Jesus), you mustn’t look sad, and complain about your hunger. When God sees you doing it in secret, He will reward you openly.

Read the rest for next week!
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