Matthew Study: Part 5/28 (3)

Hey Girls!
A little late, sorry we have been having late nights this week.
Study Notes:
Verse 31-32
In all these verses, from 21-43, we see that Jesus raised the bar of the law, He made it more complicated. If Man A divorces his wife, and his wife marries Man B, then Man A causes his wife and Man B to commit adultery.

Verse 33-37
Do not swear! Like swearing by heaven, earth, other people’s things, let your yes be Yes and your No be No. Don’t promise, like: I promise I did this, just say Yes, I did. Some of you will probably argue and say that your Mom doesn’t believe you, and that’s because you have let her her down many times and now she doesn’t know if your “Yes” is a lie, or not. So the way for your yes to be yes and no to be no, is to have a good reputation, be honest all the time. If you need help all you have to do is ask the Helper (a.k.a. Holy Spirit) for help, and I assure you that He WILL help.

Verse 38-42
In the Old Covenant before Jesus, it was said that you need to have revenge, but now the New Covenant with Jesus says that if someone slaps you, let them slap the other cheek. (P.S.  Verse 44 onwards says that you must pray for those who hurt you, so after someone has slapped you, pray for them!)

Verse 43-48
We covered this in Guiding Gods Girls: Gossip & Bullying. But will do it again. Jesus says you must pray for the people who use you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you. Because if you just love those who love you….then…. Aren’t you just like the heathens?? Be perfect just like your Heavenly Father is perfect. Very hard for many of us! Including me. That’s why Jesus sent the Helper, He knew we couldn’t do it on our own. Praise God!

Ok, see you next time for the next chapter of Matthew!

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