Matthew Study: Part 5/28 (1)

Hey Girls! Matthew 5 is packed with good stuff to talk about, so I’m only going to do the Beatitudes this week.

Verse 3
What does poor in spirit mean? The ones who have just come to know Jesus have a passion to do things for Him, Jesus wants us to be like new Believers, with a great passion, for if we have that, then ours is the kingdom of heaven.

Verse 4
The people who mourn feel very sad, wear sackcloth and ashes sometimes. And God will Comfort them.

Verse 5
Meek people are? People who come before God and offer everything they have for Him. They will inherit the earth.

Verse 6
those who really want to be right-standing with God, doing everything he asks will be filled with the righteousness of God!

Verse 7
how do u think the merciful obtain mercy? Well, firstly, what is mercy? It is giving another chance when the person doesn’t deserve it. And if someone already is merciful, they shall reap what they sow, which means that people will show THEM mercy.

Verse 8
Pure means not mixed with any other substance, for example, if you have a pure heart, it means it is for God, clean, with no other bad thing. If they are pure, how do they SEE God? What does it mean to SEE God?it means that they will know Him intimately, see how He is, His personality,

Verse 9
What are peacemakers? People who make peace when there is war, and strife. They will be called sons of God. (Yes, even girls are sons, the Bible says it, why deny it?)

Verse 10
I think most of us know that the persecuted are Christians who are suffering because they do not want to deny their Lord and Saviour. Let us pray for our brothers and sisters.

Verse 12 – can u think of some prophets that were persecuted?
For example, Elijah, Elisha, Etc.

See you next week Wednesday/Thursday about the other parts of Matthew 5!
Love and blessings,

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