I’m just joking!

Hey Girls!!

“I’m just joking!”

We hear that a lot, especially after someone insults us. Most of the time, the insult is meant in a joking way, but it can hurt sometimes! I think it’s time for a scenario.

Let’s say our friend Jane Doe over here is insecure about her… I don’t know… her weight. Someone says, in a joking way, obviously, and this is a random situation XD … “Girl, you almost broke the chair,” or “Are you really going to eat that much?”

Most of the time…. emphasis on the MOST… we’re just joking. But that small “joke” can hurt a person, even if it’s not meant in the way they take it.

Always be careful of what you say, discern who’s around you and how they feel about themselves.

God bless!

Me 🙂

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