Good God – FTH

God is GOOD!

Hey Girls!! Today I want to talk about how good God is.

There are many people who say “Oh sister, God is so good” but they don’t really believe it. When something bad happens to them, they get cancer or something happens to one of their family members, they instantly buckle, and blame it on God. I want to answer that question today, does God give us bad things to “test us”?

The answer is no, God is not evil, only the devil is evil. God only gives good things, while the devil gives evil things. God doesn’t give us pain, and bad things to test us! Would you give your child/best friend stabs in the hand to test how they will respond? No, you wouldn’t because you are a loving parent/friend and you only want nice things for that person. Now, God loves us, His children, waaaaayyyyy more than the love that you can give to someone close to you, He doesn’t test you in evil things.

Some people also comment on how they pray to God about His goodness. For example, they say something like: “You know, I just lost my job, but you know, God’s gonna see me through.” GARBAGE! Of course God is going to see you through, but you need to believe that He is going to provide you with a NEW job. Don’t focus on how you DON’T have a job, and how to get through that! Focus on how God can find you a new job. He is a God of the impossible, He is bigger than all your problems put together.

God is big. He is powerful, and some people just need to realize what really matters in life. Don’t ask God for stupid little things, don’t get me wrong, He still cares about those things, but, focus on the things most important to you. Write a list of the things you want, choose the thing that you desire the most, ask Him for that. Because, yes, He can grant every request, but if it doesn’t matter to you, it doesn’t matter to Him.

Just remember, God isn’t there just to grant your requests, so spend some time with Him, speak to Him about your problems, and ask Him to help you figure them out.

We have a good God, amen?

Hope you learnt something from my little rant, just thinking about things like this.

Love you all, and focus on God’s goodness!


P.S. Here is a song about God, love this one!

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